In "The Great Party" your goal is to throw a surprise party for your cousin Jimmy. 

As you walk through the streets of the city you can invite people to the party and they will follow you, but a lot of people following you will draw the attention of Jimmy and you don't want to be caught! Some characters require that you already invited other characters before in order to join you, so take a look to the "Invitation Rules" menu in the pause panel. 

With every kind of crazy character, this is gonna be a great party!


Movement: WASD or ARROW KEYS

Pause: P


Game Design and Programming: 
Alessandro Buonpane


Latché Swing - Hungaria  on
Latché Swing - Rythme Gitan on
Broke For Free - Calm The Fuck Down on

Sound effects: 
gibberish voices on
"huh" sound on

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