Shackwave is a local multiplayer arena game developed for #GGJ17

In Shackwave, your goal is to make other players fall from the arena pushing them with shockwaves that you can generate by clapping your hand or by stomping on the ground after a jump. Every single asset in the game was developed from scratch in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2017 in Milan.

The game is a local multiplayer game (up to 4) and works best with Xbox 360 pads. A single player mode is available.

Find it on the Global Game Jam site:

The downloadable version is available for Windows , Linux and MacOS (at the end of this page)


Movement: WASD on Keyboard / Left Stick on pad

Jump: Spacebar on Keyboard / A on pad

Charge (multiple): C on keyboard / X on pad

Clap: F on Keyboard / B on pad

We hope you like it!



Matteo Manicone

3D Artist:

Federico Brunetti

Samuele Budai

Tommaso Franzoni

Efrem Pivetti

Concept Artist:

Stefano Budai

Sound designer:

Federico Corsaro


Marcello Bertoli

Alessandro Buonpane

Antonio Ruggiero


Download 40 MB
Download 38 MB
Download 50 MB

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